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uPVC Windows and Doors Cleaning

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC sounds more like something that came out of a chemistry book. In reality, this term has everything to do with home improvement and decor and very little to do with chemicals and atoms. Used primarily as window and door treatments, this concept has spread throughout the world and became popular…

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Winter Ready – Insulating Your Home for the Season

If you live in a northern climate, trying to keep warm during the winters must be a challenging feat. It does cost a lot to stay warm it seems, on top having to make your daily commute in ice and snow. How would you feel in finding the house warm and toasty after coming from a full day of work? Grateful and downright glad! It costs money to keep warm, but if you live in an older house or one that has very bad insulation, the gas or electricity bill can skyrocket every month! So, what can be done in order to get out of this? Will installing UPVC windows and doors by Oridow help homeowners not only to keep warm during winter but also to help manage their costs? Following are some surefire tips that will increase insulation in the home;


How the Perfect Door Can Upgrade Your House

You may not think so but when it comes to making the right impression of your home, choosing the best doors for your home can work wonders. Although your exterior door does create the first impression for anyone who visits, it is the interior doors that add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. A simple door can either make a visitor feel welcome. On the other hand, if it looks anything less appealing, it may send out the wrong impression of your humble abode.


Cleaning Faux Wood the Right Way

Faux wood products seem to have become a norm over time. Because of its low cost and versatility, more and more people are recognizing faux wood as the perfect material for some very basic indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. And not just furniture, faux wood is an excellent choice when it comes to doors, windows…

vinyl casement window

DIY Tips for Vinyl Casement Windows Repair

Every new building when constructed, come with Vinyl Casement Windows mostly for their high insulating properties, energy efficiency, and for directing the fresh air into the room. Generally, they have detachable trims and hardware making it easy-to-repair in comparison to the other windows, even though there are many different types of vinyl casement windows. Here…

upvc sliding door

DIY Tips for UPVC Sliding Door Repairs

UPVC Sliding Door is a great-looking useful entrance. Sliding all day as indicated by you, it may require some fixes after sometime. However, it is not convenient enough to call someone for every small repair. You can easily “Do It Yourself”. Here, grab some tips to facilitate you. # Get Your Door Gliding Well UPVC…