Hurricane Impact Windows

5 Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Nature can be unpredictable when it is at its worst. With fast environmental changes and global warming, safety requirements of homes have changed. Different parts of the world have experienced extreme cold and heat throughout the year. This has raised some serious concerns about infrastructure safety and resistance to heat, wind, and water.

Home owners and builders are readily equipping their homes with impact windows to provide basic level of resistance to water and wind damage. But apart from these primary benefits, impact windows have much more to offer.

Your Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Your Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

When Mother Nature blows stern, homeowners have only one thing to worry about:

To somehow stop the relentless winds and the being carried along from entering their home.

Because the potential of damage these elements carry is huge. At times, it can be devastating and earth flattening.

Quick…Nail the plywood!

And even though nailing plywood across windows and doors does help to an extent (stopping wind and windborne debris from entering the house), it’s not a sure-safe method.

Hurricanes produce winds of 119 kilometers per hour. Multiply this with the mass of the windborne debris (it could be anything), and what you get is the impact force with which the object is likely to hit your boards of plywood.

It’s going to shatter them. Very likely.

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Aluminum Security Door

How to Buy an Aluminum Security Door on a Shoestring Budget

“At the end of every day, the goals are simple: safety and security” – Jodi Rell.

There is another thing you should know – no one can build their security upon the nobleness of another person! Something business owners should definitely keep in mind.

However, modern security threats have evolved to the point where as a business owner you need to constantly assess your security parameters and ensure they are updated on a timely basis.

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