Aluminum Trends

5 Aluminum Trends For 2019

As most of you homeowners must have heard, aluminum is one of the most popular and in-demand materials for home interiors!

From its versatile design options to its flexibility, there are a number of ways to style aluminum windows and doors.

We want to help our customers make the best decisions for their home and office interiors; whether it’s with a rustic aluminum frame window or an ivory aluminum balcony door.

Let’s take a look at the top aluminum window and door trends of 2019 to get inspiration for home décor and furnishing.

Benefits of Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

Ward Off the Winter Chill: Benefits of Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

The versatility of bi-fold doors allows it to be ideal for all weather. Open up the folding door for a light summer breeze or use the temperate glass doors to stay warm and toasty.

With the popular aluminum bi-fold doors adding to the functionality and aesthetics of the living space, style your home with fixtures to ward off the winter chill.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of installing aluminum bi-fold doors to survive during the winter months.

Aluminum Windows For Your Home

4 Tips For Choosing Aluminum Windows For Your Home

Whether you’re undertaking a home renovation project or refurbishing your apartment, windows are a major part of the architectural design that can’t be overlooked.

Make them a focal point of your home design by installing aluminum windows in your bedroom and living room.

Not only are they lightweight, durable and corrosion-resistant, but the wide range of style and color options are a great addition to modern homes.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some tips and guidelines to help you make the best decision before purchasing aluminum windows.

Prepare For Hurricane Season

3 Steps To Prepare For Hurricane Season

There’s still a month till hurricane season is officially over! Though the probability of a thunderstorm isn’t high in the first six months of the year, it can happen. Coastal areas, in particular, need to beware all year round for extreme weather.

Don’t waste any time when it comes to preparation for the hurricane season— start today!

You’ve spent a lot of time, money, and effort on your home, you want it to be safeguarded at all costs. Many households have an emergency plan in place for such conditions.

Here are some steps you must take to prepare for hurricane season:

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

5 Benefits of Hurricane Windows

The beginning of June till the end of November is considered hurricane season for coastal areas of the U.S. Homeowners do everything in their capacity to keep their homes safe during this season and minimize risks of damage. Preparation and repairs take up time and resources. With improvements in glass-making technology, hurricane impact windows have made life much easier for homeowners.

Hurricane impact windows undergo a series of trials to test their strength and durability. They are specially designed to withstand flying debris and strong winds.

Here are some benefits of hurricane windows:

Questions To Ask When Buying Aluminum Windows And Doors

Questions To Ask When Buying Aluminum Windows And Doors

When making a big purchase for your home, you should know everything about the products you’re investing in and how beneficial they will be to you in the years to come. Why rely on a contractor’s website or flyer for information?

It’s always advised to do your own research before making any decision when it comes to home improvement.

If your task at hand is to install aluminum doors and windows, here are some questions to ask your contractors so that you can get the best one for the job:

Kind Of Windows

Aluminum Window Options: What Kind Of Windows Should I Go For?

Aluminum windows are great! They are light and durable and can be designed in multiple combinations. For example, you can use them in multi-panel glass doors.

One great quality of aluminum is that it’s water-resistant. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about your windows getting damaged when it rains.

When it comes to aluminum windows, you have multiple options available at your disposal. These include:

Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Common Misconceptions about Hurricane Windows

Homeowners in the Virgin Islands are aware of the extra protection they need to invest in for Hurricane season.

Impact or Hurricane Windows are a great investment; they do a good job of protecting your home when the winds exceed 74 mph and threaten to go as high as 156 mph. There are many misconceptions that revolve around these windows. Here are some:

Hiring an Impact Window Contractor

5 Tips for Hiring an Impact Window Contractor

Your window contractor is as important as the windows you choose for your home. After all, their skill will translate into how your windows turn out.

It’s a lot of pressure to choose the right guys for the job. How then can we be sure about the contractors we are hiring? Here are some tips revealed by the expert manufacturers in this business: