How the Perfect Door Can Upgrade Your House

You may not think so but when it comes to making the right impression of your home, choosing the best doors for your home can work wonders. Although your exterior door does create the first impression for anyone who visits, it is the interior doors that add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. A simple door can either make a visitor feel welcome. On the other hand, if it looks anything less appealing, it may send out the wrong impression of your humble abode.

Aluminum Windows

Choosing Between uPVC And Aluminum Windows

So you’ve just decided to start building your own home and suddenly, you feel overwhelmed with all the decisions and choices you have to make. Getting the right cement and insulation for the particular type of window and door for each room, you feel that you are bombarded with different tasks. While you do think like you might have a handle on things, it is when you are faced with the specifics that you sense your confusion rising.


Restoring Your Old Home with uPVC

A family home, which has been through generations, sees its fair share of happy, sad and perfect moments, and thus, taking care of that home becomes a must for anyone still living there. Restoring a home takes a lot of money and while it does end up being worth it in the end, facing an empty savings account sometimes takes away the happiness you get when you see your magnificent home towering over you in all its glory.


Winter Proofing Your Home (Part Two)

Onwards from part one, we are going to give you several more tips on how you can properly winter proof your home in a more affordable and eco-friendly way in part two of ‘Winter Proofing Your Home”.

The Usual Suspects

Keeping an eye on the usual suspects that result in air leaks is the best way to stay on top of any insulation problems. While you might replace your rickety windows with proper uPVC windows, you can’t stop the leakage if you don’t take care of the other nooks and crannies around the house, which means the attic rafters, attic hatch, any wiring holes or plumbing vents, etc. Caulking the seams can help in ridding the house of any cold wind you might feel.


Winter Proofing Your Home (Part One)

Winter is coming and things are getting frantic at Oridow. With the number of calls people are making so they can get their creaky old windows and doors replaced with proper uPVC products, many are now asking us what else they can do so that they can make their house resistant against the chilly season.

Because we make products that are better for the environment as well as energy efficient, we know quite a bit on how a person can winter proof their home. Here, we are going to give you some tips which have worked well for a lot of people, and since they are quite easy to do and affordable, you don’t even have to worry about any expenses.


Which Window Should You Choose?

Bored of your old windows? Looking to purchase new ones, but do not have enough money? Well.. Your problem is now solved! With a number of cost effective windows now widely available, you can make your choice according to your house. Here are few of types of windows; choose the one which best suits your house:

Top 10 Tips for the Green Guilty

Going green is the biggest living trend this decade. With more people becoming aware of the hazards of global warming, dwindling resources and an ever-increasing population, the concept of having a greener future is becoming a priority. However, the bad thing about this trend is that not a lot of people know how to incorporate it properly into their surroundings.