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4 Reasons Why Switching To uPVC Is A Good Idea

Wooden door frames are soon becoming obsolete. Yes, they had a good run, but the negative points of wooden doors cannot be overlooked anymore; especially with a much better and affordable option available. We’re talking about uPVC doors. Wooden Doors vs. uPVC Doors Durable, strong and wide availability in a huge range of styles and…

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uPVC Windows and Doors Cleaning

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or uPVC sounds more like something that came out of a chemistry book. In reality, this term has everything to do with home improvement and decor and very little to do with chemicals and atoms. Used primarily as window and door treatments, this concept has spread throughout the world and became popular…

Energy Effect

Tips To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Your home is much more than a living arrangement for you and your family. It’s a system that contributes (or is harmful) to the environment, as a whole. When people install energy efficient appliances in their homes and focus on sustainable and cost-saving household practices, they are not only saving their money and improving performance,…


All About That Window

People install windows in their homes not just to bring natural light in the home, but to also make the interior and exterior more aesthetically pleasing. This is why interior designers emphasize on installing the right windows in your home, as only then will the double purpose of this home furnishing, i.e. utility and design,…

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4 Ways Of Going Green In Your Home

When it comes to ‘green living’, it’s really the little things that matter. You don’t have to necessarily make big changes. Adopting the seemingly insignificant changes, like changing your usual toilet paper brand to a recyclable one or vying not to use chemical cleaners will promote the idea of ‘Green’ and eco-friendly living just as…

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Why Aluminum Windows And Door Systems Is A Good Option For You

There’s a common perception regarding aluminum windows and doors – they’re budget friendly. But there’s a lot more to them.

Today they’re installed in every other home and commercial buildings. They’re now in fashion for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking to replace your doors and windows or are looking to install home hardware in your new space, aluminum doors and windows might be the perfect choice. Why? Read on:

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Avoiding The Pitfalls Of Fitting UPVC Windows!

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or UPVC windows are one of the most popular and widely used windows. They are cost effective and require minimal maintenance as compared to other types of windows.

Installing UPVC windows can be challenging. There some common errors that people make during the process.

Here’s a walkthrough of the common errors and how you should avoid them: